The Crystal Warehouse

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Crystal Warehouse
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The Crystal Warehouse houses one of the largest collections of rare and quality gems, mineral specimens, crystal caves, prehistoric fossils, tumbled, cut and polished stones, carvings, sculptures, healing products and the largest super-sized Amethyst geodes in the Southern hemisphere! Under this roof you will discover the most incredible selection of mineral specimens from worldwide locations, ranging from aesthetic samples for the beginning collector to pristine pieces for museums. The Crystal Warehouse also showcases a collection of natural science and cultural heritage treasures. Included in these tourist attractions are a 1942 Dodge Weapons Carrier, a 1901 Wool Press, and an extensive collection of mining and exploratory equipment sourced over the years from various landmarks in Western Australia and beyond. The Crystal Warehouse also showcases several hundred mining and social history artefacts, which line the walls and floors of the venue. These are a testament to the Western Australian mining industry - each item tells a story. The warehouse exposes the operating features of the production equipment to visitors through glass panels for easy viewing, providing a fascinating insight into the production, cutting and polishing of gems and minerals. The Crystal Warehouse has a workshop area and venue space for special events, also available for hire. Group bookings are welcome.



Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 climate we have closed our doors to the public until further notice.  However we are still here for your crystal needs and can be contacted either by phoning 0422233040 or email: