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Crystals & Crystal Healing Products

We carry an extensive range of raw specimens, crystal formations of all kinds and sizes, crystal jewellry, points, pyramids, clusters, spheres, eggs and more. Our showrooms carry one of the largest collections of all types of crystals, including quartz, rose quartz, lapis, tiger iron, blue lace agate, citrine, amethyst, jade, green agate and more. rare crystals such as moldavite, aqua aura, lybian desert glass and double terminated quartz are our specialty.

Sales staff are also qualified professional healing practitioners ready to offer advice and assitance to all your crystal queries. Our range of crystals, gemstones, wands and carvings all extend their energies to be useful in initiating healing both emotionally and physically whilst also enhancing ones spiritual evolution. To know more about their practical applications enquire about our interactive workshops.

A huge range of healing products, chakra kits, massage wands, healing wands, pendulums and more.