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Love Is In Th Earth Book (Custom)
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A resource of books and CD’s are available in store. Books to enhance the understanding of crystal energy and spiritual awareness, and music to chill out, relax or meditate with are a lovely extension to the services we offer.
Browse through such titles as Love is in the Earth, The Crystal Bible, The Book of Stones, The Power of Now, Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, The Illustrated Guide to Crystals, Crystal Colour & Chakra Healing, The Complete Ascension Manual, Many Lives Many Masters, Animal Totems, Crystal Children, and The Spiritual Universe.
We also stock Crystal Lights and Crystal Oracle Tarot Cards.

CD’s and music titles include the Zen Connection, Crystal Healing, Sacred Earth, The Spirit of Yoga, New Beginnings, Pure Calm, Music for Pets, Elysian Vibes and the Sounds of Spa.

Love is in the Earth....

Author: MELODY

Contains over 1400 mineral descriptions outlining the metaphysical and mineralogical properties of the mineral kingdom.

Over 1400 crystals and minerals described with over 1400  full-colour photographs.

The crowning glory of the Love is in the Earth series!!