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Sphere Pendulums Rings

Welcome to the website of Soklich Trading Company, importers, exporters and explorers of all types of gemstones and collector's minerals.

Soklich Trading Company searches the planet to bring you the most beautiful and powerful collections from the mineral kingdom. It provides retail and wholesale services, and an exclusive collection of minerals, cut gems, outstanding contemporary jewellery, crystals, healing products, souvenirs, super sized geodes, prehistoric fossils and more. The Gem Shop and Crystal Warehouse are based in Orange Grove, nestled in the foothills of Perth, Western Australia. Expert gemmological staff and experienced metaphysical practitioners are on site and will welcome you with an honest and friendly disposition, with over 40 years trading experience and expertise.

  42 Dale Place Orange Grove Western Australia
   GEM SHOP Opening Times: Friday’s & Saturday’s 10am - 4pm
  Special Event Opening Times: see "Contact Us"
  Telephone: +61 (08) 9459 1449

Join the inner circle

Attend Meeting of the Minds hosted in the biomagnetic, inspiring santuary of the Crystal Warehouse.